Sunday, January 25, 2009

Keeping myself busy

For Christmas my friend gave me a subscription to Bookmark and I have to say that this gift is going to be as damaging to my social life as crack is to people's health.  I've marked down eighteen books that I feel I have to read now, and this is only the first issue! 

I've seen two "must read" lists pop up in the past week, here at Editorial Ass and Sassymonkey and I have the feeling that at least one more is going to show up soon before the end of the month. 

I've started reading The Screwtape Letters on my way to and from work (I ride the subway, so I have at least twenty minutes each way to read) and while I'm enjoying it, I think that it might not be the right subway book for me.  The book is written in a very dry tone with bits of English humor popping up here and there.  (It's kind of like reading Good Omens, but even dryer.)  I find myself rereading passages each day as I try not to get lost in the tangle of Lewis' writing. The only other books by him that I've read have been the Chronicles of Narnia,  and I don't remember them being quite so densely written.

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