Monday, January 04, 2010

One year ago

...I broke down my reading for 2008. I'd read 168 books that year and my goal was to add ten books to that number in 2009.

I read sixty-eight books in 2009. Sixty-eight books. I can't even begin to wrap my head around this small, pitifully tiny number. Sixty-eight books.

Do you think I'll jinx myself (again) if I say I'm going to read 178 books in 2010?


Sassymonkey just posted her 2010 reading goals, which got me thinking about my own. I've already sworn off reading challenges this year, have already stated my desire to read more military nonfiction, need to finish reading the books I started last year (like Mere Christianity and Bleak House--actually, Bleak House should be started from the beginning, if we're being honest, it's been that long.), need to read 2666 (my roommate gave the set to me eleven months ago and I haven't started it), and I too should spend some time reading the books on my shelves.

That's good, right? I should be able to hit 178 books. That's only ... 14.8 books per month ... 3.7 books per week ... .5 books a day...


sassymonkey said...

I have a lot of WWII non-fiction to read on my shelves. I hope to get through a lot of it this year, especially since I never stop buying it.

Hayden said...

But what color are their spines? =)

Mark said...

I think you should reset to 68, and not be too hard on yourself. Is it possible you were busier this year? Reading more carefully?

Keep up the great work!

Hayden said...

Yes, I was a bit busier this year, Mark, at least for part of it. I know that 178 books might be slightly unreasonable, but it gives me something to work toward.