Friday, June 16, 2006

Change of Plans

Well, my mom called a little after 1pm to tell me that my grandmother (her mother) had been taken to the hospital and was in critical condition.

So, we're leaving for Billings, MT tonight. By car. (Apparently, it's very expensive to fly into Billings and there are only a couple of flights a day.) Just me, my mom, and my cousin Cort. It's anywhere between a 12 to 16 hour drive, and I think she wants to do it nonstop. No clue when I'll be back; my mom says a week minimum, but I don't really think I can stay any longer.

We'll see.

Someone pray for us all. Positive thoughts, whatever.

I've got 10 books stuffed in a bag, 2 for the SRC. No idea if I'll be able to post or not, although some of the family there has internet access.


Stefanie said...

Thinking good thoughts

danielle said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother--sending good thoughts, too!

sassymonkey said...

I just got back from my vacation and I see you are still away. I hope that everything is ok.

sfp said...

Same here. I left a message earlier but it appears to have vanished into the ether.