Friday, June 30, 2006

My grandmother rocks

Oh, where to begin.

Right, my grandmother. She's much better. Much MUCH better. In fact, she was released from the hospital (again) yesterday and is now at my aunt's house in Hardin. (The again bit...she was released last Thursday from the hospital in Billings and sent to a rehab hospital in Hardin, and so we left on Friday. However, when we were halfway to home, we got the call that she'd gone critical again and had been sent back to the hospital in Billings. So we turned around.) Good news all around, and I had the added bonus of spending some time with relatives I hadn't seen in oh, a decade.

Grandma also has purple tipped hair and bright orange fingernails, courtesy of yours truly. Heh. (And then I dyed my own hair a deep, but bright, red.)

As for reading while I was away, it seemed like every time I picked up a book, someone would want me to do something, go somewhere, or begin to question me about what I was reading, and then why. So I didn't get a whole lot done. I did finish "Wives & Daughters", and have started "The Beautiful and the Damned", so I'll post my thoughts over at the SRC forums. I also read "Skinner's Drift", "Captain Alatriste", and "Black Powder War". I'll try and write up my thoughts on them this weekend, although "Black Powder War" was the only one I really enjoyed.

I've got big plans this weekend, full of finishing "The Beautiful and the Damned" (which I'm struggling with) and a couple of other books that are suddenly due back. (I'm so behind on my SRC plan...I think I'm supposed to be on book 5 by now.) Oh, there are the fireworks and friends too. And graphic novel buying...I think Polly #6 came out while I was gone.

And of course, 2 weeks of you all to catch up with.


Stefanie said...

Purple tipped hair and bright orange nails, I love it!

Danielle said...

Glad to hear your grandma is better! And looking forward to hearing about the books you read.