Sunday, March 29, 2009

Looking for ways to make it better

So, while I'm still sick--I currently sound like an eighty-year-old smoker--I've been trying to find things to cheer me up as I wait to get better.  

One of those things--danger signs approaching--is on line shopping; it's so easy to go "oh! I really want that" and then three seconds later I'm typing in my credit card information, clicking the button for expedited shipping.  However, there are sales abounding, which makes the damages a little lighter.  

Book sites are the most dangerous places for me to shop on line at, although I have to say that the massive sale at ENC Press, where book prices are down twenty percent, is making it a little less scary.  It's also making my birthday/mother's day/father's day/Christmas shopping just that much easier.  (Note: Everyone is getting a copy of $everance this year.)

Plus, how can I not love a site that's currently advertising their sale as the "best depression special ever?"


sassymonkey said...

Shop your library. I use the library's online request forms the same way people use online book stores. Seriously. My library doesn't charge for requests. I have a friend who's library charged $0.35/book. That's still a lot cheaper than buying them. :)

Hayden said...

Oh, I do shop my library, religiously. But there comes a time when I do want to purchase books; they're really all I ever want to give as gifts and Severance was really good.