Friday, April 03, 2009

First Quarter

So, the first third of 2009 is over.  Shall we see what I've done?

  1. I've read thirteen books in three months. 
  2. I've turned thirty.
  3. I've been told to file for unemployment.
  4. I've become an intern.
  5. I haven't mastered Korean. (Yet.)
  6. I haven't finished a single self-imposed reading challenge.
All in all, beyond turning thirty and landing my internship, I have to say that this hasn't been a great start to 2009.  I've read less books in the past three months than I thought I did, I haven't come close to finishing a single challenge, I have no form of employment at the moment, and did I mention that I got sick the day BEFORE my birthday?  Or that I'm still sick?


OK, enough with that.  Let's look at what I'm planning on doing in the second quarter:

  1. Interviewing an author.
  2. Filing for unemployment.
  3. Reading.
  4. A lot of reading.
  5. Interning.
  6. Studying Korean again.
Being unemployed won't last forever, and I can only surf the internet for so long until I have to do something else.  Like laundry.

I forgot I was doing laundry.



Danielle said...

Very sorry to hear you've lost your job. Things are going to be shaky where I work as the fiscal year nears its end in June. I hope you find something good soon. Good luck on your new goals! Reading sounds like a good distraction.

Hayden said...

Thanks; I hope things go better for you, employment-wise!