Sunday, April 26, 2009

A meme

It's nice here in Brooklyn, really really nice.  So nice that staying indoors is hard; I want to be outside, enjoying the sun, but at the same time I want to be indoors, not getting sunburned.  Le sigh, welcome to my life.

So, instead of posting things I will link to them instead.

Like this diversity in reading meme from Dani.  I'd take it myself, but fail so miserably.  I've noticed over the past few years that I've become a reader of mostly white men and women from the U.S.  I'm going to have to address that issue, and soon.  Maybe May is the month I start reading 2666.

I had a few thoughts this morning on the way to church about The Forest of Hands and Teeth... which if you haven't read, skip this next part because it will be full of SPOILERS.  

1) I wondered when the different communities lost contact with one another.  They had to know the others existed, or had existed, and the Guardians were keeping the path stocked with food at the request of the Sisters... but when did they lose contact?

2) It's interesting how the two communities that we see evolved after the plague hit.  Mary's community eventually became ultra-religious while the other community, the one Gabriella was from, seemed to be much more modern and liberal.  They had shops and a marketplace set up, while in Mary's community everything was provided by the Sisterhood.  Gabriella's community also had access to the truth, in the form of the old articles that Mary discovers in the attic, while back in Mary's community, they're taught (by the Sisterhood) that the Unconsecrated happened as a result of sin.  It makes me wonder if the founder of Mary's community wasn't a religious person, who saw the plague as a sign of humanity's sins.   I wonder what the other sixteen (or however many there are) communities were like.  And how many of them survived.  And what they knew about the origins of the plague. 

3) When is the sequel coming out?  Because I dearly want to know what happened to Angus.


Mhh, I think I'll go outside now.  Or maybe I'll just take a wee nap here on the couch.

Decisions, decisions.


bookishnyc said...

One of my "hobbies" is to check out what other people are reading on NYC public transportation. (It's easier than, say, mountain biking or knitting or something...) There are already few enough people on the subway with BOOKS as opposed to magazines, newspapers, or iPods, but now I've got to deal with the Kindle readers as well! (Of which I am one, by the way, so no hard feelings, BUT it looks like I may have to find another hobby.)

Hayden said...

Funny, I was doing the same thing on the subway the other day. There was an ad for the Kindle (promoting the "green" aspect of it) on the wall too.