Monday, May 22, 2006

How I love a book reading

Some days, I want to do nothing but go home, feed Bailey, then curl up on my couch and read one of the (hundred thousand) books I have on hand waiting for me.

And then on other days, I want to go and meet authors. Authors of books that I've loved, or liked, or just sound interesting.

Lucky for me, the University Bookstore does a great reading event. I've only been to a few of them in the past, but I've been making a conscious effort this year to constantly check (and re-check) who's coming to town.

Charles de Lint was here on the 14th (but my mom was in town visiting for Mother's Day, so I couldn't go.). Jim Lynch, author of The Highest Tide will be here tomorrow (I loved this book when I read it last year right before Christmas. It was such an excellent story), and I'll be attending that. A publishing house that I'd never heard of before, Aqueduct Press--they publish science fiction written by women, will be there on the 31st (which I can't go to either!).

Then in June, there's Robert Asahina, who wrote a novel about the 100th Battalion/442d Regimental Combat Team, made up of Japanese-Americans who volunteered to fight in WWII. 4 days later, Rachel Cohn & David Levithan will be there, to talk about their new book, Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, which I haven't had the chance to read yet, although it's been on my list since I first heard about it. Jacqueline Carey will be here on the 15th; I haven't read any of her works yet either... M. John Lubetkin, who wrote Jay Cooke's Gamble: The Northern Pacific Railroad, the Sioux, and the Panic Of 1873, which sounds like a fascinating novel, will be here on June 27th. Maureen McHugh, who wrote Mothers and other Monsters, which I have sitting in my library to be read pile, will be in town on on the 27th as well, although she'll be doing her reading at the Science Fiction Museum here. (Dammit! Which one to go to???)

And that's only the smattering that interests me, from one bookstore.

I can already tell it's going to be one busy, busy summer. Still, I love a good book reading.


sfp said...

Looking forward to your comments on the Jim Lynch reading. I loved The Highest Tide, too!

Heather said...

Wasn't it just a wonderfully written book? I was really excited to read it, although I was surprised that it took me a couple of chapters to get into the story and Miles. But by the end, wow.

I really like how he tied in the whole experience with El Nino, giving the phenomenom an actual explanation, rather than just leaving it a mystery.

And I'll post my thoughts/etc on his talk later this week...maybe Thur. Unfortunately, it's going to get (briefly) busy again.