Thursday, May 11, 2006

I've been overwhelmed...

...and sadly, it's been with books.

Two weeks ago, one of my co-workers left for her wedding (in Hawaii) and suddently, I was busy busy girl at the office. Non-stop back and forth, with a phone in one hand and a pen in the other, trying to keep up with everything that the two of us normally do. Those duties, combined with another co-worker's (she went to a wedding) simply left me swamped, with no time to read anyone's blog, much less type something for my own.

Unfortunately, that wasn't all: I didn't even have time to read. Which was something of a problem, as I have 5 stacks of books from the library sitting on my coffee table. I'd come home, look at them, and sigh. Errands, Bailey, food, the plans that couldn't be changed, hell, even sleep; all kept me from reading. And as the week went on, and I hadn't even managed to pick up one book, I think I got a bit overwhelmed. (A lot overwhelmed.) The sight of those stacks, combined with the stacks on my table from the book sale, well.

It was a bit much. All I could do was click on the renew buttons, and only go to the library when I absolutely had to (or I'd lose the books).

Hopefully, I think it's going to be better from here on out. My new book case arrived last night, so I was able to set that up and put all of my book sale books neatly on the shelves, although any sort of actual order is going to have to wait. I just don't have time this week to reorganize them all (which will bug me until I do). I don't have anything due back at the library until early next week, so that does give me some breathing room to read. Sadly, I think Friday is going to be my only night...and I've already bookmarked that night to read "The Year of Wonders" as my book club meeting is on the following Tuesday. (It's Mother's Day weekend, and my mother is spending it with me. I don't think she'll let me ignore her for the whole weekend while I read, although I might try.)

I think the worst thing about being so busy was that I missed reading about what you're reading. (Actually, that's probably a good thing, since all that does is give me more books to put on hold...vicious cycle!) And I missed any mention of Free Comic Book day, which was the 6th. Luckily, one of my errands was to the Comic Stop in Lynnwood, the place where I buy all of my comics. I had "Polly & the Pirates" #4 and #5 to pick up, so I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that not only was it free comic book day, but that I could have one of as many of the free titles as I wanted. (Did I never mention I was a comic book/graphic novel girl? Another post I guess)

In fact, thinking about it, the only things I've really read in the past two weeks have been "Polly" 4 & 5. And my grocery list. Oh, and I can't forget the to-do list.

I'm going to do my best to catch up with all of you (on my sidebar) in the next two days, so sorry if I start bombarding you with comments. I'm also promising myself right now that I will put NOTHING on hold until I read through all the ones I already have.


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Danielle said...

I finally broke down and brought most of my library books back, as I knew I would never get through them by the due dates. I have about three checked out still, and I plan on going to the library later---but I hope not to end up with another stack. I wish I had more reading time!