Monday, October 19, 2009

Sick, sick, sick

Sick, sick, sick...

From over at A Work in Progress, Danielle is recommending her recent read, “We Were Young and At War,” which looks very good. I’m adding that to my library queue.

I finished my reread of “Good Omens” and I have to say that it was funnier the second time around. That dry, British humor gets me every time.

I’ve started reading two new books, “The Return” by Victoria Hislop—found this one on a newsletter I subscribe to—and “Dear Mr. Unabomber” by Ray Cavanaugh. I’ll be posting reviews this week, and snippets tomorrow!

I think I’m trying to cram everything I want to read—and can get my hands on—into October, because I know once November starts, I’m not going to have any free time left, not with NaNoWriMo taking up all my non-work and non-sleep time. Oh, the insanity that is NaNoWriMo.

I can’t wait!


Danielle said...

I recently bought The Return as well and hope you'll write about it. It looks good. I'm really enjoying We Were Young and at War by the way!

Hayden said...

HI Danielle,

I will be writing a review, although it looks like it'll be closer to the end of next week (have to read "Catching Fire" this weekend as it's due back Monday!). I can't wait to read "We Were Young and At War;" the little bit you posted about it made it very interesting.